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Welcome to the DEEZIFY Shop.

DEEZIFY's mission is to aid Savages with their fitness adventures.

To deliver knowledge, motivation, inspiration and gear in the most creative way possible.

DEEZIFY is the only brand where its creator is the designer, artist, trainer, instructor, coach, big brother and wise ol' savage man.

This is more than a fitness brand. It's a brand created to build others up.

Imaginor. Potentia. Exequor.

Imagine. Power Up. Execute.


I know you're what you're thinking. What makes DEEZIFY special?

The goal is to Educate, Impact & Entertain through illustrative means. Every person has a story to tell. Even you, my friend.

After quiting his personal training job, DEEZIFY (also known as Fil), decided it was time to document his fitness adventures. Every warrior passes traditions and knowledge to the new warriors. It's a right of passage.

Sickened by the phony fitness celebrities, generic brand messages, and the lack of creativity... DEEZIFY was born, the workout artist, the most creative coach in the world.

Rather than being another of the Fake Brandz built with empty souls - DEEZIFY was going to spin that sum b!tch around.

What if DEEZIFY could become the Realest Brand built from creative spirit and substance rather than celebrity. And so the seeds were planted.

Because of the lack of financial resources, the cost of celebrity fake models, photographers and social traffic - DEEZIFY had to get creative. And creative is what he does. Nourishment through creativity and passion unmatched.

Instead of paying Instagram models with free swag or money DEEZIFY just illustrated them. If you want to stand out, you have to break out from the standard rules.

The lack of resources gives birth to creative super powers. And thus another mission was born... "Become the Creative AF Brand minus all the bull sh!t."

Three things eventually float to the top... Truth, Passion & Value.

They are the three pillars DEEZIFY is built upon.

DEEZIFY Difference

This most unique and creative fitness approach is due to the wealth of fitness knowledge, application and of course graphic design and technical background.

Combining 20 plus years of training, 5 years of personal training and class instruction in the fitness industry, hundreds of clients and 1000+ group classes has cemented a no nonsense approach to fitness.

A degree in architecture and work in the construction industry heavily influences the technical delivery of illustrations and attention to detail.

The graphic design experience and lifetime of artistry helps deliver a rich, and stylized product. It's the magic crazy sauce.

Experience + Technical Detail + Artistic Passion = the DEEZIFY Difference.

The difference in DEEZIFY is there is no have to do it - everything that is done is done because there is a want to do it.

No other personal trainer, celebrity trainer, fitness authority does what DEEZIFY does nor can do what he does.

Everyone has a story to tell. This is his story.

Power Up & Stand Out.

DEEZIFY Design Philosophy

Being different is better than being better at the same generic garbage.

Society tries to wash your personality away. Other brands try and make you all look the same.

The reason is creativity is expensive. It cuts their profit margins. They profit on being lazy.

The DEEZIFY Horde is built with respect for personality and individuality. The Power of You.

When possible, DEEZIFY creates variant designs to accommodate for different tastes and style preferences.

Designs can be split into 3 major categories: Level 1 - The Word; Level 2 - The Symbol; Level 3 - The Avatar. From the Conservative-Simple to the Wild-Savage.

DEEZIFY designs are considered artwork. You're supporting an artist who started and continues to give more than he earns.

DEEZIFY, the Coach's mission is to help those who seek help while the Artist visually delivers his stories with the world.

If done right, both can be achieved in epic fashion.

There's no pressure in buying. DEEZIFY welcomes suggestions, requests and questions.

If you'd like to learn more about DEEZIFY or make contact, you can visit DEEZIFY.com and our social media accounts listed below

And thank you for reading this. Fist bump.

Stay Savage, my friends.